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Mercer @ Van Asselt (MaVA)

Starting in the Summer of 2023, Mercer Int'l Middle School will temporarily relocate to the Van Asselt interim site while the school is being rebuilt. The school community will stay at this interim site for 2 school years. 


Mercer @ Van Asselt

School years: Fall 2023 to Spring 2025

Presentation @ PTSA meeting

Presentation recording (starting at 11:50 into the video)

Overview of Van Asselt Interim Site

2023-06-02 09_26_26-Mercer PTSA Community Meeting - Zoom.png
  • Van Asselt site under construction now to increase capacity and  accommodate Mercer students

    • Modifications to old building, construction of a new building and gym

    • Can hold up to 1000 students

    • Construction expected to be completed by July 2023

    • Summer classes at new Van Asselt location

    • Move in to new Van Asselt in August 2023

    • Students attend new Van Asselt in September 2023

    • New Mercer building ready for students in September 2025

  • Seven minute drive from Mercer, and along major metro bus routes

  • Overview of site, project

    • Parent drop off will be in median on Beacon Ave S - short term parking and pass through traffic

    • Reviewed by Seattle’s safety committee and department of transportation; ensured safe passage of students, including speed bumps and cross walks

    • Separate on-side drop off for special education students, ADA accessibility

    • ADA improvements made to main entrance to school

    • 26 new classrooms in new addition, 4 refurbished classrooms in 1909 building, and 18 refurbished classrooms in 1950 building

    • New addition has a new large-scale gymnasium w/ pull-out bleachers

    • New special education classrooms

    • Four portable buildings for additional offices, fitness, nurse office and special education classrooms

    • Lots of exposed wood and natural daylight in new building

    • Each end of new classroom wing has a learning commons for small group work, including digital monitors, white boards, etc. Good for hands-on learning

    • Includes outdoor learning pockets, and outdoor playscape

    • Cafeteria will be in 1950s building in the commons, new tables and chairs

    • Buses to line up along Beacon Ave S

    • If student qualifies for transportation (live outside of 2 mile middle school walk zone and/or special education needs/transportation standards)

    • Crossing guards already there and will continue to serve that area

Screen Shot 2023-06-02 at 12.30.03 AM.png

MaVA Logistics Q&A

  • What does pick/up and drop off look like?

    • Encouraging students to take alternative transportation to school - walking, biking, metro bus, school bus, carpool

    • Try to avoid single car drop off!

    • Two mile boundary around Van Asselt  site is the walk boundary; a large and covered area for bikes will be available

    • Yellow buses will be available for students in the existing Mercer School attendance area, students who are in the existing Mercer walk boundary AND outside the 2-mile walk boundary. Students with transportation as part of an IEP will continue to receive transportation.

    • Plan is to have two crossing guards

    • If interested, contact 

    • Metro buses free for all students 18 and younger (Orca cards no longer distributed)

    • District transportation: 206-252-0900

    • Mercer traffic and parking questions: Bernadette Dickson,

Screen Shot 2023-06-02 at 12.49.09 AM.png
  • Where can families park?

    • Not much parking available; for families, it will be within median on Beacon Ave S for the majority of the day.

    • During 7-9am and 2-4pm it’s a 15 minute load/unload only

    • Back-in angle parking only

    • Curbside parking along school boundary on Beacon Ave S is prohibited

    • During pick up/ drop off, cars are in continuous motion - no parking - and students get in as cars move along

    • District transportation: 206-252-0900

    • Mercer traffic and parking questions: Bernadette Dickson,

  • What is the layout of the campus?

    • Here is the layout of the spaces within the building/community spaces.

Screen Shot 2023-06-02 at 12.49.51 AM.png
  • Will there be an Open House event at the Van Asselt Interim Site?

    • MaVA will be an active construction site through end of August - no visiting for anyone until very close to the start of school

    • Staff will be moving in at the end of August, all the way up to September 6th

    • Students will get tours of campus on the first day of school

    • Family Engagement Team (FEAT) will hold welcome event for all families; might need to be outside of school building

    • There will be student-led tours planned at the beginning of the school year (in the evening)

    • FEAT will also have walk through visits of ELA classes for first week of October

Screen Shot 2023-06-02 at 1.04.22 AM.png
  • Where can I ask questions and give feedback?

    • Family engagement survey: ​​

    • Additional surveys will be shared with families, and you are encouraged to complete

    • If you are interested in volunteering for the transition or if you have input for the transition, please contact Tonja Davis, Family Engagement Action Team:

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