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Our 2023-2024 Board

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Mission: Our PTSA mission is to be a powerful voice and resource for the Mercer school community, promoting healthy partnerships with students, families and staff, while addressing racism and countering anti-Blackness.

We do this by:

  • Welcoming and involving diverse families from our school community 
  • Growing in and supporting racial equity and an anti-racist culture in our PTSA and school (see our Black Lives Matter statement and commitment below)
  • Sharing information and helping families connect and build community
  • Organizing volunteers for school needs and events 
  • Raising funds for school, student and family needs 
  • Advocating for Mercer students, families and staff 
  • Supporting families and staff in other ways as needed

Our PTSA's priorities for the 2023-2024 school year are:

  • Growing in knowledge, skills and practice of anti-racism and demonstration                           that Black Lives Matter

  • Increasing family engagement and advocacy

  • Building school community and partnership

We are a 501(c)(3) organization connected to the Washington State PTSA. We support Asa Mercer International Middle School on Seattle’s Beacon Hill. The school’s official website can be found here.

Black Lives Matter

In August 2020, our PTSA board unanimously approved a Black Lives Matter Statement & Commitment, which can be found in this Letter to Families and below:

Systemic racism and anti-Blackness occur in our PTSA, schools, city and country. We, the PTSA, have not engaged in anti-racist work as intentionally as is necessary to create real change. We're working through the summer, and into the school year, to change this by:


  • Challenging ourselves to manage our own discomfort and lean into this work that takes us out of our comfort zones

  • Educating ourselves about how our lack of impactful action has made us complicit in perpetuating racism

  • Educating ourselves to learn and practice skills necessary for anti-racism


We're dedicated to doing this in a way that centers our Black families' experience without burdening them with the work of educating or doing the work for non Black families. We strongly affirm that Black Lives Matter and commit to grow in being an anti-racist organization, supporting racial equity, and addressing systemic racism at Mercer and in our PTSA. When Black lives matter, everyone benefits. We need more voices, leadership, and input from Mercer families so we challenge you to join us and hold us accountable for creating real change. This is how we will demonstrate that Black Lives Matter to us. To share thoughts or be involved, please send an email to

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